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About Abi

Abi is a professional dog trainer with over a decade of experience working with dogs. Abi started out by working part time at her local boarding kennels and established a great relationship with clients through providing high standards of welfare for the dogs in her care and good customer service.



Abi continued to work at the kennels while she was completing her National Diploma in Animal Management and Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Behaviour. By working at the kennels during her holidays Abi was able to combine her academic studies with hands on practical experience.  Once graduated Abi was then offered a managerial position which is when she began dog training.



Abi has been a dog trainer for over 8 years. She began by becoming a member of the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour and completed various courses. She opened her business Paws For Behaviour and ran puppy and adult dog training classes, provided one-2-one training sessions and behaviour consultations before putting it all on hold to fulfil her second dream of travelling to Australia.



On her return to the UK Abi worked within a vets for 6 months and then began teaching Animal Management at a college where she stayed for 3 years to become qualified, realising what an important part educating owners plays within Dog Training. Abi has most recently worked for the Dogs Trust as a senior coach assisting in the setting up and running of a Dog School, a new initiative for the Dogs Trust that is taking the UK by storm! Abi continues to support the Dogs Trust and is a tremendous advocate of their aims and objectives.



Paws for Behaviour provides a variety of services, however behaviour and welfare are at the forefront of the business, ensuring the education and service provided to dogs and their owners are based on the most up to date, science based research. To continue her development Abi attends seminars which host well known and highly respected professional trainers and behaviourists with speakers such as Dr Ian Dunbar and Victoria Stilwell. Abi is based in Tamworth and works as a professional dog trainer for clients in areas including Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Four Oaks, Lichfield, Nuneaton, Cannock, Burton and Derby.

Abi - Professional Dog Trainer working with a dog