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Enriching A Dogs Life

Enrichment is defined as “The action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something” in the Oxford Dictionary. In animal terms this is improving or enhancing their quality of life. But how can we do this? Traditional pet dog care rules were 1. Feed the dog 2. Walk the dog 3. Play with […]

What is a dog behaviourist?

A dog behaviourist works on improving dog behaviour by understanding why they are acting in a particular way. They try to understand what is causing a dog to be ‘bad’ instead of just punishing the behaviour. There are no set qualifications you need to have to call yourself a dog behaviourist in the UK.

What is positive dog training?

Positive dog training is a way to train dogs by giving them rewards rather than punishing them. Traditional dog training methods often involved the use of choke collars and shock collars to punish dogs for behaving badly. Positive dog training focusses on rewarding dogs for behaving well instead.